While the summer heat is in full swing, you still need to care for your lawn. The summertime is all about maintenance when it comes to lawn care. It is important to keep up on landscaping tasks as it will pay off in the future. Here are some maintenance tasks that you need to consider when it comes to the upkeep of your lawn this summer.


Just like when we spend time outside in the sun we require lots of water to stay hydrated and the same thing applies to your lawn. It is important to water your lawn regularly. Now if you are in an area with water restrictions or in a drought it is fine to let your grass go dormant during this time. The grass will turn brown, but it’ll stay alive and then will go green and start growing when the rains come again. You probably don’t want a brown lawn this summer so you will want to select drought-tolerant types of grass, like buffalo grass, or plan on giving your lawn about 1 inch of water a week.

To make things easier you might schedule the sprinklers in your lawn to go off automatically. If that isn’t an option then consider making it a family fun activity every week to water the lawn, any maybe play in the water a little to cool off.


When it comes to mowing you will need to keep an eye on how your lawn grows. During hot, dry periods, you might only need mow the lawn once every two or three weeks until your grass grows about 3 inches tall. If you have any cool or moist periods during the summer you might need to up the frequency of how many times you mow and bump it up to twice a week.

July Lawn Care Quick Tips:

  • High heat and low rainfalls may lead to dormant grasses
  • Irrigate as long as your town allows. Aiming for 1.5″ of weekly watering
  • Keep an eye out for lawn diseases and fungus – especially as humidity rises
    • Apply curative rates of fungicides
  • Watch for grubs and other lawn insects
  • Fertilize with slow release nitrogen fertilizer and organic lawn products
    • Summer Survival (Potash , Humic Acid, Sea Kelp) is a great option
    • Never fertilize dormant turf
  • Products:
    • Fungicides
    • Crabgrass Killers
    • Broadleaf Weed Killers
    • Summer Survival



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