From clearing leaves and downed branches to repairing the toll that weather took on your lawn or hardscaping, your yard could probably benefit from some extra attention. When the weather warms up for good, it’s time to get to work!


Inspect your yard by examining trees, shrubs, and any gardens on your property, as it’s most likely been months of little to no maintenance for them. Check for damaged branches on trees, pay close attention to the ones close to your home or over walkways. Now is the time to make decisions on what tree issues you need taken care of professionally. As the leading provider of tree pruning services, Dipietro Landscape can get your yard ready for spring. Double check your plant beds’ mulch levels and add fresh mulch as required. This step will keep the roots cool through the summer heat. Bring on Summer!


Check your irrigation system to ensure it’s in proper operating condition. Did the hose crack over winter or worse, a pipe?Test the system by turning it on and check for anything like leaky valves, missing nozzles, clogged sprinklers, or anything else that looks wet or wrong.


Early spring is an ideal time to start watering your long. However, this time of year you should be feeding your lawn as well. Get a fertilizer that feeds your grass and also prevents weeds. But don’t forget to add the water. Soak that lawn and watch it grow!


Searching for lawn care near me or landscaping company near me? Dipietro Landscape understands how important it is have a beautiful lawn in the spring . For more information about how we can make your property safe and beautiful all year long with our landscaping and tree trimming services in Norwich, Montville, Uncasville, Ledyard, Groton, Stonington, New London CT and Mystic CT, contact us today!

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