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Have you been searching online for hedge trimming near me or landscaping company near me? Or maybe your a DIY’er and your search how to trim your hedges? Either way, let DiPietro Landscape help you out!Trees, shrubs and hedges can add to the overall value of your property. So, it’s important to keep them trimmed to ensure they are always healthy, looking their best and increasing your curb appeal.

Letting your hedges and shrubs become overgrown can affect your property in a poor way. If you are considering selling, unkempt bushes can lower the value of your home and scare potential buyers away. Also, if you live in an area with an Home Owners Association, you could be fines for not keeping your shrubs and hedges well-maintained. Factors such as weather, the type of shrub planted, where it’s placed, and if it is in the sun or shade can affect their growth. Your trees and shrubs should be trimmed at least three to four times a year.

All DiPietro Landscape professionals use hedge trimmers to keep hedges and shrubs trimmed and in good shape. If attempting to do them yourself, below are some pointers from our pros.

1.  Be aware that birds, animals, or insects may be living in your bushes especially in early spring.
2.  Separate the branches to look for any dead branches and remove them by hand.
3.  Start at the bottom of the hedge and work your way to the top.
4.  Move the trimmers at a slow, consistent pace allowing the cutters to do the work. Trying to force the blades into the plant can leave gaps, so it’s important to trim only a few inches at a time.
5.  Trim the sides of the hedge or bush at an angle leaving it a little wider at the bottom than at the top. This will allow sunlight to reach the lower areas and encourage growth.
6.  If you want the top of the hedge to be flat, hold the trimmers level and move them left to right, moving slowly and trimming a little at a time.
7.  For tall hedges, use an extension on your trimmers. An extension is more convenient and safe than using a ladder.

When first learning to trim hedges or bushes, it can be a little overwhelming and the clean-up can be very hard from all the branches depending on the amount of trimming you did. The key is to go slow and at a steady pace until you are comfortable using the hedge trimmers to keep your landscape looking great. It may look easy but it’s a lot of work.

If you find yourself stressed out or just don’t have the time it takes give Dipietro Landscape we would love to work for you.