While many people might think the best time for lawn care and prep is in the spring but there is another good time to improve your lawn, and that is in late August and September. This is actually one of the the best times to improve the look and health of your lawn.

During this time of year the conditions are actually perfect for the germination of lawn seed. Even though there are a lot less hot sunny days, you actually have more moisture in the soil. Also the cooler evening temperatures are exactly what your lawn loves. Also during the time 90% of weed germination is complete. What this means it that the weeds do not need to compete for nutrients and water alongside your grass seed.

This is also be best season to fertilize and kill weeds. As you start to head into winter you want to prep your lawn for the upcoming spring so it becomes healthy and green.

If fall isn’t the usual time for you to work on your lawn, and you have no clue what to do. Well you are in luck because we have provided all the information you need to prep your lawn in the fall.

Seeding & Grass Seed:

So one of the best times to seed is in the early fall. This might sound off because it is starting to get colder but you actually want start seeding because the soil is still warm and the nighttime temperatures are starting to cool off. You also have mother nature on your side when it comes to needing the soil to stay moist because not only are the nights cool, but you have morning dew, as well as other precipitation. So as you can see it is weirdly a lot easier to keep your soil moist during this time with the help of mother nature.

So just like a lot of products, you get what you pay for, and the same thought process goes for grass seed. You want to make sure you are not only selecting a good quality grass seed but a grass seed that does not have an annual component. When you choose a grass seed with an annual then that seed will only survive that season and will die by winter time. Hence the name annual. You also want to make sure you are selecting the correct grass seed for your lawn. That includes the type of grass you have as well as where your grass is on your lawn. Is it under a covered patio and in the shade? Or is your grass directly in the sunlight all day? These are things you must consider.

Something to Consider: Grasses in Connecticut generally consist of bluegrass, ryegrass, fine fescue, or mixtures of these grasses.

Weed Killer:

So fall is also a great time to kill perennial weeds like dandelions and creeping Charlie. It might seem strange to kill your

weeds in the fall and at the end of the summer the season but this is actually a great time because the plants are still actively growing. So as it gets into the fall season the nutrients will down to root. So as you apply the weed killer, the weeds will not only push down their nutrients but they will also push the weed killer down to the root. This will lead to effectively killing the weeds down to the root if you do it at this time of year.

Grubs/ Larva:

Also during this time of year you want to treat for grubs. If you are unsure if you have grubs in your yard then here are 3 easy ways to determine if you have grubs in your yard:

1. If you have large dead patches in your yard this can be a big sign. You can also pull up these patches and you will actually see the grubs.

2. If you have animals like skunk or raccoons digging up the dead patches then that is another good indication that you have an issue.

3. If you found a lot of Japanese beetles in your yard then there is a good chance that they laid eggs in your yard.

You want to kill the grubs in the fall so that you have the best chance for a healthy lawn come springtime. Fall is the perfect time to kill grubs because young and newly hatched grubs are more susceptible to pesticides. While you may think the spring time is the better time to treat for grubs, but it is actually too late. By spring the grubs are actually too large at this point.


Many people do not think about fertilizing their lawns in the fall. This 100% sounds like something only done in early spring. Most people usually only fertilize in the spring or only once a year, but this thought process should end. You also want to fertilize your lawn in the fall with a winterizer. When you put down a winterizer you are helping the roots in your lawn. This will also get your lawn off to a good start come spring. Your lawn will green up really fast and be really lush for the spring.

It is time to start thinking about your lawn at the beginning of fall, and that means more than just raking up fallen leaves. You want to help prep your lawn for the upcoming spring so it good to go during those warmer months.


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