Fall is typically when we think of winding down on yard work. However, you may actually need to spend more time when it comes to fall landscaping. This will help keep your lawn and gardens in the best shape possible throughout the winter. Below are some helpful tips to enhance your fall landscaping:

Embrace the colors. Embrace the magical colors of fall and put that into your landscaping. You can decorate with hardy mums, vibrant asters, and pretty pansies. You can add beautiful flower box arrangements and pots to place on a porch or front walkway. Even though the beautiful colors of spring and summer are behind us, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a colorful yard during the fall. Mums are the quintessential fall flower, and they come in a variety of stunning colors. You can chose from shades of purple, scarlet, yellow, and orange that will add a wonderful color to your home.

Rake often. In order to keep  your lawn looking its very best and to keep your grass healthy, then you will want to rake the fallen leaves often. If you let the leaves pile up too much, then moisture will start to build up underneath, which can lead to the gas becoming damaged. If you just spend a few minutes every couple of days raking up the freshly fallen foliage then the upkeep of your yard will be much easier. You especially want to rake before it rains.

Continue mowing. Mowing season does not end with summer. If your grass is still growing, then you should still be mowing it. Once the final mow of the season does happen, you will want all of the blades of grass to be the same length. This will help keep your lawn healthy throughout the winter. It will also ensure that your lawn growth starts off the right way in the spring.

Aerate and Reseed. During the summer your lawn can take a beating from the scorching sun and high temperatures. You will want to fill in any dry and damaged patches by aerating and reseeding. You need to make sure you chose the best grass seed type for your region, then spread plenty of seeds, and keep them well watered.

By following these fall landscaping tips, you can maintain a beautiful lawn and garden throughout the year. This can also lead to less work in the spring. Keeping up with your lawn in the winter will allow you to relax during the winter, knowing that your yard looks great.


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